Hi, I’m Sharyn. I’ve been helping people with their speech for over 30 years.

Improve Your English Pronunciation, Voice Quality, Intonation, and Presentation Skills

The Accent Refinement Private Coaching Program is for non-native English-speaking professionals to support them in reaching their full potential in their careers and relationships.

The 16-Week Accent Reduction Course is Designed to Help You:

  • Speak with correct pronunciation, voice quality, and intonation
  • Boost your confidence, credibility and authority when speaking
  • Improve your professional image and expand your career opportunities
  • Better nurture social relationships and be more socially accepted
  • Achieve the career advancements that you deserve

I have successfully coached people from Brazil, China, Columbia, Egypt, Germany, Greece, India, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, Venezuela, among others.

We won’t eliminate your endearing accent—we will refine it so that it starts working to your benefit. After working together, my clients are able to correct 7 out of 10 errors on average (view study).

Get Immediate Feedback on Your Speech

Do you want feedback on your speech patterns and areas needing improvement?
Request a FREE 15-minute phone consultation for quick tips and exercises personalized to you.

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