The transmission of ideas from one person to another develops out of our need to share knowledge and connect meaningfully with others – a need every bit as urgent as our need for light.

Welcome…to my first blog post ever.

Until recently, people would have said my job was as a speech-language pathologist in the schools. But in my spare time, I developed an accent modification program and worked with non-native English speakers in addition to my school job.

I decided to leave my work with school kids now in order to devote myself fully to my passion work – training smart, talented, and resourceful adults who were born in other countries learn to speak English clearly so that they can be easily understood here in the U.S.

Since I’m now a business owner rather than an employee, I see that there are new possibilities. So I’ll write this blog by simply telling you what’s on my mind and why those thoughts feel related to the work I do now.

Lately, I’ve been looking at the stars.

I’m fascinated by the fact that the communication between the light that stars emit and when it reaches Earth takes years or even centuries to be observed by us. And yet the sight of starlight is so common that sometimes we forget the miracle of it.

How is this related to the work I do?

Because there’s that theme again – communication – in all its mysteries. How do entities connect, whether the message of light from a star to the Earth or the deep understanding between humans? It’s always complex and always fascinating.

I believe that communication between human beings, while not as spectacular as the stars’ communication of light to Earth, is miraculous nevertheless. The transmission of ideas from one person to another develops out of our need to share knowledge and connect meaningfully with others – a need every bit as urgent as our need for light.

From an early age, I was aware of my desire to connect with people through verbal communication. It was natural that I became a speech-language pathologist to serve children who were not able to express themselves effectively.

Later, when I saw that so many adults living in my community but not born here had difficulty getting their messages across to Americans, I trained to be an accent modification specialist. Although the people I witnessed spoke and understood English, they often spoke with noticeable accents and were misunderstood on a daily basis. I remember a day when my friend from Mexico told me about the time she said her son was going to Yale, the listener thought she said her son was going to jail!

One sound mispronounced and a world of difference.

Are you an accented English speaker or do you know an accented English speaker who is frustrated by the blank stares or the impatience often seen on people’s faces when messages are not understood?

I have seen miraculous transformations in spoken English when people develop an awareness of their speech and learn how to change it. This training enables clients to achieve significant improvements in spoken English.

The results are an enhanced professional image, expanded career opportunities, successful social relationships, and greater self-confidence.

I’m thrilled that this is my full-time work now, helping non-native English speakers speak with a clear, resonant and flowing voice. The miraculous process of expressing ideas and being understood stimulates us, teaches us, advances us. It’s a kind of success that feels as important as the light of the stars reaching us from the night sky.

When we speak in a voice that truly represents who we are, a new energy emerges that unites rather than divides us.

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