New Data Shows That Accent Modification Programs Work

I’ve seen it with my own eyes time and time again but it’s never a bad thing to have science on your side.

I’d been searching for hard data in published studies that validates the results I see in my clients enrolled in my accent modification training. I’m happy to report I finally found it.

A recent study conducted by cognitive brain and communications scientist Marcos Sastre III and published by Corporate Speech Solutions in New York, looked at the percentage of speech errors that changed with accent modification training. In its highly encouraging results, the study showed that across its small sample of clients, there was an average percent change of 58%. In other words, clients reduced their sound errors by more than half following accent reduction training!  I’m imagining the increased confidence for people when they improve their pronunciation of sounds by 58%.

This preliminary finding suggests that personalized accent reduction training can make a substantial difference in the number of sound errors a person makes, helping to increase clarity and confidence in professional communication.

I, too, pre- and post-test my clients. My results are consistent with these findings.

I assess my clients in the areas of pronunciation, intonation, and voice projection in the contexts of single words, sentences, oral reading, conversation and phone/video skills. My results show an average percent change of 69% improvement in clients’ abilities to reduce their stress errors in single words and sentence and their sound errors in pronunciation after completing the training program. And now science backs my findings.

But it’s not all about data. Here’s what I believe about accent reduction:  The goal of this training is not to eliminate a person’s accent. People’s accents are an important part of their personal and cultural identity. The issue is that a particularly strong accent can interfere with a person’s ability to communicate in professional and social settings. I work to help end the frustration and negative consequences of being misunderstood on a daily basis.

As my client from Russia recently said to me, “I’m so grateful for the lessons you gave me about the ‘alphabet of the sounds’. Even though I’m not working exclusively on my accent now, I use an improved version of it everyday. I’m in a leadership development program and I meet new people very often. I feel confident because I know people will understand me.”

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