“Do you believe that communication has the power to transform lives?”

I do, which is why I became a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and now specialize in training accented English speakers on how to communicate clearly and confidently in English.

I asked this question to 40 SLP’s when I presented to the North Suburban Speech and Language Association (NSSLA) last month. Members wanted to learn about Accent Modification, which is my area of focus.  Accent Modification involves accented speech training rather than traditional speech therapy so it requires a very different approach and mindset.

The feedback I received showed me that the SLP’s were excited to learn about Accent Modification. They felt my passion for this work and heard the progress achieved by my clients in the recordings I presented.

One of the many testimonials I received stated:

“I enjoyed your presentation last night and it was interesting comparing English to other languages around the world. Listening to the before-and-after tapes of your clients showed how much progress they made. Thanks again.

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