Client Testimonials

Supply Quality Engineer (native to Venezuela)

“Completing this program has been a great investment in my personal and professional life. Being able to express myself fluently and to be understoof on the first try is priceless.”

Compliance Analyst (native to Nigeria)

“This program was way better than I thought it would be. When I hear Americans talk now, I hear all the things we discussed in class. I notice how they pronounce the words. I’m conscious of how I talk now, too. I also notice that when I speak from my diaphragm, I project my voice more and people hear me clearly. That’s one of the first things I got from the program.”

Associate Director (native to France)

“The Accent Modification Program helped me be aware of what I was doing incorrectly and how to correct it. Over the months, I noticed significant improvement on specific issues that I had. I recommend this program becuase it helped me understand the procounciation and intonation of a new language.”

Account Manager (native to Belarus)

“It was a pleasure to learn in such a stimulating and supportive atmosphere. Every class was thoughtful, motivating and useful.”

Business Development Manager (native to Brazil)

“In 16 weeks, I had significant improvement with all the issues that prevented people from understanding me clearly. I have maintained those improvements in the year since Sharyn and I worked together. I am much more aware of pronunciation and intonation, and confident in my communication. Sharyn was very effective. She made the training program very easy to apply, interrupting my speech to correct my mistakes and practicing presentations in my field or work were very helpful. Now I feel more confident and people don’t look at me with a question mark face anymore.”

Actuary (native to China)

“The program was an eye-opener for me. It made me aware of the issues with my spoken English and improved my speaking on a whole new level. I received immediate positive feedback about my speaking after taking the classes. I feel much more confident in my ability to speak and communicate in public and private settings.”

Physician (native to Thailand)

“Sharyn is a great teacher. She is kind, patient and skilled. The facial and diaphragmatic exercises helped so much with my pronunciation. The precise word production and voice projection exercises were very beneficial, too. I had such a difficult time with certain consonants that I now can pronounce. My intonation has improved, too. I express myself more effectively and confidently in English after working with Sharyn.”

Project Supervisor (native to Iraq)

“I am very glad I participated in the accent modification training program. I learned how to speak using the American dialect and understand the American accent. I improved a lot, especially in my work, but also in my personal life. I recommend this program to everyone who wants to succeed in life in the United States. Though our work was last year, I still feel confident and comfortable with the changes in my speech.”

Physician (native to India)

“Sharyn’s accent training program was great. I met with her for one-on-one sessions, and got immediate feedback when I mispronounced words and I corrected them with Sharyn’s help. She was very experienced and taught me various breathing techniques and voice projection exercises to overcome the challenges I was facing with certain words and sentences. She brought many exercises to class and kept it more interesting and easy to remember. She also shared resources available to practice. I feel more confident and I can feel the difference in my speech. I found Sharyn’s course immensely beneficial and helped me improve communication with patients and colleagues.”

Pastor (native to South Korea)

“I was able to achieve my goal of effective communication with an Anglo-American audience. Without Sharyn’s help, it would not be possible for me to have the confidence and courage to engage with a different culture and people.”

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