Workshops: Accent Modification & Verbal Communication Skills

Having worked with clients from 21+ different countries on modifying their accents, Sharyn can understand the needs of your group and tailor the workshop in a way that will be most impactful. Her focus is always on providing practical information and tips for attendees to start improving their speech immediately.

Sharyn is often hired to speak to diverse groups–large and small–for events such as:

  • Professional development workshops
  • Community organization group trainings
  • Business networking group events
  • Company lunch & learns

Choose from 3 Group Workshops

  • All-Inclusive Accent Refinement WorkshopBoost your confidence, credibility and authority by speaking with correct pronunciation, voice quality, and intonation.
  • Presentation Skills for Non-Native English Speaking Professionals: Enhance your professional image and ability to influence by refining your verbal and non-verbal presentation skills
  • “I’m Sorry, Can You Please Repeat That?” Improve your ability to be understood on the phone and over video by speaking with correct pronunciation, voice quality, and intonation.

As you perform your work in the world, may your voice truly reflect your life's purpose.

Sharyn Reiff, Accent Refinement Specialist
What Attendees Are Saying

“The exercises around breathing, voice and word pronunciation were very beneficial.”

“Sharyn is a great teacher. She is kind, patient and skilled.”

“This class was great! I am so glad I made it.”

“I am more aware of English intonation now and I want to practice it more.”

“I learned to stress primary syllables of words and also important words in sentences. Very helpful!”

Looking for One-On-One Private Coaching?

Sharyn offers a 16-Week Accent Refinement Private Coaching Program that offers extensive training and practice on correct pronunciation, voice quality, and intonation.

Get Immediate Feedback on Your Speech

Do you want feedback on your speech patterns and areas needing improvement?
Request a FREE 15-minute phone consultation for quick tips and exercises personalized to you.

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